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Monday, 18 November 2013

Successful ACCA exams strategy by acca reloaded

Successful ACCA exams strategy

How to write the answers to score high marks?
How to allocate sufficient time for all questions in a paper?
Why apparently well-prepared students performed badly in the actual exam? 
Whenever a student marginally failed, they would insist that they did not understand why.

There are some good advices to prepare for successful passing ACCA exams:

1. Cover the complete syllabus

ACCA provides some amendments in their syllabuses every year. If you use the materials of your friends or colleagues from previous years, you should search for update materials to complete the syllabus.

2. Practice your handwriting in three hours sessions

We all are used to put some texts via keyboard because electronic world is very friendly towards users. I also write my emails and very rarely write my paper letter for a special friend.
Poor, not understandable handwriting is one of the first claims of ACCA markers.
Be sure, that you are able to write clearly and do not upset markers 

3. Presentation

Use the headings, short paragraph (1-2 sentences per one mark).
Your paragraph should be 2-2,5 lines long.
Live the space between paragraphs - be marker friendly 
If question asks about identification, explanation and recommendation about specific item, use column approach for answer.
Be prepared to write a report, a memorandum, a press release or a cover letter to get some professional marks.
Be careful with ACCA verbs in the questions!!!
Some requirements of verbs in SA magazine (page 6)

4. Past exam papers

Practice as more past exam papers as you can!
Firstly, you attempt the questions yourself.
Secondly, you match your own answers with ACCA's ones.
Thirdly, I suggest you to handwrite the answers in sheets under 15 minutes reading time and three hours writing time ACCA's requirements.

ACCA's answers contain all possible right points in the answer. They are longer, than it will be required from good students.

5. Desire for success
You should be surrounded by people who also wish to be successful in ACCA exams.
Why not hook up with a study buddy and mark each other’s scripts? Your study buddy should also be able to provide you with feedback on the clarity of your handwriting and effectiveness of your presentation.
Use your own motivation to get qualified as quickly as possible so that you can change your life for the better. Having a clear tangible objective will help create a strong desire for success. To achieve this objective you are going to pass this exam by communicating clearly with the marker and no opportunity for marks is going to be missed. I do not understand candidates who leave part of an answer blank and therefore let those marks escape – marks which a hungrier candidate would have captured and scored.


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