"Jadilah seperti pohon rendang yang berbuah; dibalingkan dengan batu, tetapi diberikan buah sebagai balasan." ~Hasan Al-Banna~

Monday, 22 September 2014

Segmen Melastik Bintang : Why Need To Read Parenting Blog

1st time I join segmen from parental blogger melastik Bintang.

Here I want to share with you guys,

why we need to read parenting blog

Parental love for their children is a Mercy from Allah, not only in humans but even in animals.

why we need to read parenting blog? As we know, In Islam the main responsibility the parent has to their child is to provide for their education. (This is to be understood in the broadest possible sense, including all things that assist the child to become a good character and right  human being).

Besides, we can know the ilmu how parents can teach children. Is it need to punish if they doing wrong and understand all the influences upon child development.

However, we can know how to express love to child and how to be a model of a good and right human being for our child.

In sha Allah, I pray to Allah to help us be a good parent to our child.

Even I not married yet, The book that Mostly I like to read about parenting -Cinta di rumah Hasan Al-banna.
3 parenting blogs that I like to read is :

1) http://www.melastikbintang.com/
3) http://kenali.net

Btw, I love myparents, who Guide me everyday How be a good Muslimah ! :D

Ya Allah, please forgive the sins of of our parents and grant them jannah!


  1. I love your article.. event it is a short entry ... 1st entry in english for this segment..

    Terima kasih... =)

    jangan lupa share di wall fb sendiri ya... letak sekali hashtag

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  2. nak mendidik anak skg ni memang betul2 mencabar. kalau tak persiapkan diri, memang habis la kita kan.

  3. syabas dik...walaupun masih belum kahwin, tetapi sudah menitikberatkan hal-hal parenting..

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