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Friday, 17 April 2015

6 thing to avoid before sleep

1) Avoid Eating foods high in fat

Your body spends a lot of energy for the processing of fatty foods. It makes you feel sluggish. Do not eat ice cream and fast food, especially before bedtime.

2)  Do not stare at screens or monitors

Blue light of some similar device radiate bad affects on your brain. Your brain can not relax and realize that the body has time to sleep. This will prevent you to sleep well.

3) Exercise Load

These things are always in the gym heartbeat quickens. It is hard for your body to calm down and it will be hard to fall asleep for you. Try to complete the exercises in a gym for three hours before your bedtime

4) Work till late

Do not perform work until going to bed. Do some work that you need, then let rest for your brain for at least an hour and only then you can go to bed. Then you can sleep with a clear conscience and nothing to worry about.

5) Caffeine

Caffeine gives you cheerfulness. It is found in coffee, tea, and even chocolate. And alcohol also has such affects on our body. All of these drinks make you overexcited. Of course it all depends on how much caffeine your body can handle. Try not to drink all of the above for a few hours before bedtime. It is necessary for your body to have time to get rest and calm down.

6) Emotional excitement

Emotional excitement will never help you to relax before sleeping. Try not to look anxious evening movies, do not swear to any of your friends or relatives and avoid reading exciting books.    

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