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Friday, 11 September 2015

clean eating

Clean eating

Natural health food movement, not exactly diet but lifestyle choice. It's about eating health , whole, unprocessed food and avoiding anything extremely/more processee & refined

Eating cleanly improves cardiovascular health because the vitamin c in fruits and vegetables maintain strength of blood vessels, loweing risk of coronary heart disease and protecting against stroke and high blood pressure.

Eating health fats lowers harmful cholestrol levels,  while a diet rich in saturated fat increase blood cholestrol and runs a higher risk of clogging blood vessels.

Diet with a lot of processed foods, saturated fat, dried foof and processed meat will increase your risk of cancer while a clean diet with fruits and vegetables boosts your intake of cancer fighting phytonutrients and anti-oxidants,

Clean eating is not just good for your body, but also for mental health.

Where do you starts

  • start limiting processed foods.
  • eating more vegetables
  • cut down saturated fat
  • stop drinking soda
  • cut down added sugar
  • choose whole grains
  • think about portion size
key principles of clean eating

  • Drink water regularly & cut down on high calories drinks
  • watch the fat, salt and sugar
  • eat 5 to 6 small meal throughout the day
  • Include protein , carbo and some fat in every meal
  • choose unrefined instead of refined foods, intake whole grains , clean sugar like honey
  • eat whole , natural foods & eliminate / minimise processed foods. -avoid anything in boxes, bags, cans, plastic package, containing ingredients that you don't recognise or understand the majority of food should be fresh.

Dieting guidelines

  • Eat a piece of fruits before your meals
  • Halve the carbo in your food
  • Eat more vege and meat instead
  • steam, boil, bake or grill food- avoid using oil
  • eat less sugar
  • do not eat instant noodles, snacks, containing artificila preservatives and food colouring
  • Do not eat four houes before bedtimes
  • eat until you are only 70% full
  • eat slowly and chew each mouthful 20 times
  • monitoer your daily diet
  • eat 5-6 times meals a day

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